Downloadable e-books:  Flash Fiction I, Flash Fiction II.

Daylight Saving Time

In this near-future novel, a young woman discovers an intelligent society of nanoscopic beings that exist inside glass plates in the desert.  Can she prevent them and their society from being annihilated by the industrial processes that created them? (In revision)

Scarecrows and Seed Bones

On a feudal-run planet, Trinity must bring in a successful crop from seed bones for the off-world owners, or she’ll be sent back to the crowded refugee camp from which she came.  But mysterious bands of alien scarecrows and strange planetary electrical storms threaten her fields and her future.  Will she out-maneuver the scarecrows and the off-worlders to ensure her own survival?  (In progress)

The Serpent’s Daughter

Chloë is determined to find out the origin of her kind and to make a better life for herself than hunting prey from among humans.  But will she escape the dictates of her biological system, or will she succumb to the constraints of her ancestors’ lives?  (In progress)