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About my work

The smell of books in a library does something for me.  When I take a book off the shelf in the library, there is a smell in the pages that promises adventure.  As a writer I am looking for the surprise.  I want to discover the character you’ve never seen before or the premise so unusual it knocks you back.  The fresh word or phrase that yanks you out of your everyday life and plunges you into adventure.

The best thing someone has said about my writing is: “I’ve never encountered a story like this before.  – Love it!”  In my work I strive to fulfill the promise of adventure, surprise, and delight that I found in books from my local library’s shelves.

Current projects

Sketch by Theresa Barker.

The Little Book of Lies.  Stories that explore the many ways to lie to a partner, a child, a family member.  The good lie, the bad lie.  Lies that seem good enough to fool others.  How lies change you.  The science of lying well.  Lying for a living.  Lying when you have no other choice.  Lying to fit in.  Lying to yourself.  Lying to get ahead.  Lying as a lifestyle.

See “Equivocation” and “Deceit” (published)

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