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Professional publications

“Equivocation,” Urban Fantasist’s Grievous Angel (April 2017).  An affluent town finds itself in need of borrowing bodies for hedonistic pursuits, so it makes a deal with a neighboring in-need town. But things don’t go quite as planned.


  • Flash Fiction I:  Science Fiction/Fantasy Ten short-short fiction pieces.  Download here.
  • Flash Fiction II:  Literary Ten short-short fiction pieces.  Download here.

Short stories

  • “Waiting Room,” The Pitkin Review (2013).  A young mother waits for her deployed husband to return from Afghanistan.
  • Found.” Lab Notes (blog), ( 2013).  An extraterrestrial planet-saving team finds a lost human child.  Selected for “Freshly Pressed” honor by editors.
  • “A Coat of Many Colors.”  SSWS (2000).  A magician’s housekeeper illicitly sells a magical object at the local flea market and gets herself into trouble.
  • “The Gospel According to Ken.”  Just Because (1998).  A graduate student researcher travels back in time to plant the gospels and start religion.
  • “The Inquest.”  My Legacy (1997).  What happens when Snow White is put on trial for the death of the old beggar woman?
  • “The Room.”  Keen Science Fiction (1997).  A family falls apart when the simulated daughter is found out.
  • “The Boa Lover.” Shaking the Tree (1997).  A man marries a woman who turns into a boa constrictor – sometimes.


Lab Notes, Aug. 2013-present.  Fiction and poetry sketches, serialized novella/novels, how-to-write and reflective essays.


Two Hour Transport

Photo by Theresa Barker

Monthly reading series featuring Seattle’s new and exciting voices in science fiction and fantasy.

Join us on the fourth Wednesday of every month, when we meet at Café Racer in Seattle for two hours of fantastic fiction.  One hour of Open Mic readings, followed by a second hour of Invited Readings.

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